Become a figure skater they said

it will be fun they said

We made a card that represents us and basically every person we know from our wonderful tumblr universe. Still hoping evacuated tube transport is a thing within our lifetime! For now, send your significant other or best internet friend (forever) a card reminding them that you would if you could if you could if you coulddddddddd. :(

Long Distance Sucks for $4.50 USD on Etsy.

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Beyonce Must Have Her Feminist Cake and Eat It Too →


A few new Valentine’s Day Cards up at http://seaandlake.etsy.com both are hand-lettered and super awesome!




You’re My Lobster - Valentine’s Day Card!

Hurry Friends fans! There’s plenty of time left now, but you don’t want to wait too long!  - seaandlake.etsy.com

FREEEEEEEEE SHIPPING FOR ALL OUR TUMBLR FOLLOWERS (and knitwear is 20% off!) Yes, that’s right, go to our etsy (http://seaandlake.tumblr.com) order anything you like and then send us a message after payment and we’ll refund all your shipping costs! It’s cuz we love you guys.

Our stuff is super cute too, so there’s that ;)

Soooooooo…it’s been forever! How is everyone? Tell me everything that is new with allllllll of you! 

Christina and I have been working our butts off and we’ve just opened up a little etsy shop! We’ve both taken up knitting (the perfect hobby for a. cold weather and b. watching lots and lots of tv.) Also, this seems like a pretty perfect outlet for me to use some of my design skillzzzzz and for Christina to come up with new, awesome, insanely fabulous ideas. Just wait, she’s going to post some keychains soon and they are the shit.

So, we don’t have A LOT there yet, buuuuuut…we have some awesome hats, so if your heads are cold or anything…and we also have some Valentine’s Day cards. Gonna have more stuff up this week, but I thought maybe people would be interested to see where life is taking us when we’re not photographing. 


Look! It’s an awesome hat! You can has one!

P.S. it was really fucking cold outside when we went out to take these pictures. brrrrrrrr Canada is cold you guysssssssss.

P.P.S. I miss you all for realzies. Message me, pretty please and tell me things.

Instagram takeoverrrrrr! And…I’ve decided I should post something radically different. #sirbrodesmcgodes Hey, our dog is the cutest. - @christinabecca

Instagram takeoverrrrrr! And…I’ve decided I should post something radically different. #sirbrodesmcgodes Hey, our dog is the cutest. - @christinabecca

Fall is fantastic.

Fall is fantastic.

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Brodie likes chewing gum. What a weirdo.

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